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My boyfriend lasts about a minute in bed... I would like to have a sexual experience with him that lasts a little longer. I don't want to tell him that it's a problem for me, but it's really becoming one. How can I help him last longer?

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Does he treat you right???? you know what you need if sex is what you want.... Explore your options... You can still find the full package!!!! your only in your 30's goodness your practically still a baby

Long enough for her to cum...This is what I do, and it works incredibly. There's a way to have orgasms without ejaculating, so that you don't lose your "manjuice" but you orgasm. When you don't lose your manjuice, you keep your erection and you can keep going as long as you want. has a guide on how to do this. Its great cause you don't lose your erection, and you can have as many orgasms as you can handle, it just takes some practice.

if you are really good looking and attractive then he is always going to be quick, bad luck, you could always "ugly yourself up"

Well, first off you failed to mention how often you have sex. If it's like once a month then give the guy a break. If it's like multiple times a week then he needs to give you a break cause one should be able to control himself with multiple times a week. You need to talk to him about it but try not to be blunt as to hurt his feelings in which case he will not even want to have sex with you then...Maybe do some reading together, take a trip to Borders and get some books and read and explore together....Good luck!

tying a string around it? wtf is that? haha BREATHE SLOW and steady...breath in for 4 seconds, then hold it for 4 seconds, and then breathe out slowly for 4 seconds, like a triangle, it will slow your heart rate and keep you from getting all excited and being liek AHAHAHS OH OH OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO BAM game over.

Carbon filtration isn't really for organics but for chemicals, it absorbes them by bonding the chemical into it. It will help somewhat with the yellow color of the water, but not entirely. Organics are taken care of by bacterial filtration, the bacteria that live in the filter, on the gravel and in fact every surface in the tank. If you are having problems with only 2 goldfish in that size tank you probablly need to do more frequent water changes, maybe once per week. Also try using some poly wool in the filter, that works nicely for water "polishing" Tip: buy it at a craft store, MUCH cheaper than the stuff at petstores and no different. Personally i only use carbon after the rare event that i need to medicate my tank (almost never) as to how long it lasts, well it depends on your tank. Not more than 1 month would be fairly accurate. Remember that if you DO use carbon any medications or chemicals you put into the tank will be removed by it, so remove the carbon to medicate.

You can masturbate and right be fore you come squeeze the head of your dick to keep it from ejaculating. Do that several times. Or just jack off a couple hours before you get ready to screw her.

When your about to come, just stop and switch positions and finger her and kiss her. Then go at it again and again until you finally want to come. Its the stop and go method.

Don't worry about it! It happens to the best of us, sometimes you're quick sometimes you're extrememly slow, and sometimes nothing ever happens and it just takes forever, just be happy you've lost it mate. Also, use a rubber =)

Personally I don't think children should sleep with adults, but that's just me there are plenty of people who think it is ok. If you are uncomfortable with it than you need to talk to your beau. Tell him that if he wants things to get serious than it needs to be stopped. If that is what you want. I would be weirded out if I were dating someone and their 7 year old was sleeping in the same room! If you don't plan on going farther with this guy i wouldn't worry about it. But what if you do get married your child will feel left-out, and if you want more children you will have to get a bigger bed!

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