What Are Some Natureal Things I Can Do To Last Longer In Bed

Im 23 and i never had a problem... but now i am dating this girl she's 29 and i feel that i cant concentrate... maybe im scared with the fact that she has more experience than myself...i dont want to mess up... PS: this will be our 2nd time by ourselves... I dont want to ruin it... we've done it just once but neither her or myself reach an orgasm... it sucks.. i know i need to relax but she keep putting pressure on me by saying that she doesnt want a 25 min sex.. she wants more than that...

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I don't think I last long...I last around 40 minutes normally (at least 30 minutes; and up to 1 hour & 15 minutes); but that's 'cause I'm distracted by the TV. I guess you should try the start and stop method.

No there isn't a surefire way. Most guys just think of some thing REALLY un-sexy... like, your gramma dancing naked... or something like that! And that's what they do to try to hold out for longer.

Wow!! I suggest for you to talk to him and tell him how you feel. Yeah, its going to hurt his ego, but this is something that needs to be address. You can always try the mineral store too. I know I become a King Kong when I eat lobster, sushi and other seafoods. Maybe, he want to change up on his eating habits too. Exercising, jogging or biking could help too. Good luck.

Its called foreplay!! If he gets you more ready and revved up he WILL last longer. You can also check that link, kegels will help you both. Try a slower. smoother lovemaking style. it might just be he groove you need. The kegel thing in the link may do the trick either way though.

He can increase his stamina by working out the muscles he has down there. Tell him to constrict his scrotum muscles (like he's holding in urine) for as long as he can then release, then repeat. The more he does this, the longer he will be able to last. During sex, he can perform this action when he feels as if he's about to have an orgasm and it will delay the ejaculation. Edit: Weight, and sleep deprivation also are a huge factor in sexual stamina. He might need to lose some weight and/or get some sleep.

Take a nice shower with him and give him a hand job. Then play for a while. Get out, dry off, and continue the playing. When he is ready to go again he should last a while as the initial is over. Experiment with different varieties.

When you're masturbating (if you do) try going as far as you can without ejaculating, and then come back off of it, and repeat.

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