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I'm in my mid-30's and I date women around my age. I find a lot of women who were married to LOSERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! for a long time. They complain about their ex not working, taking care of the house, and even performing in the bed. I try my best to bring something to the relationship and the lives of the women I've dated in order to show them that there are men out there than do handle their business. I'm a single father of my 3 year old from my previous marriage. I'm educated, coach youth sports, work professionally. When I'm in a relationship I try to be a partner to whomever I'm with and help them in whatever areas I'm able (without going out of my way so that I will resent it later). I pride myself on giving whomever I'm dating WHATEVER THEY ASK FOR (as long as it's reasonable and within my power). When I meet these women they think I'm God's gift to them, then weeks (I'm literally talking a month or so) they start feeling they can't do a relationship...start pulling away, and start saying they can't handle a relationship because they're too independent. I'm independent as well. I don't really need a woman to do ANYTHING for me; however, I don't feel that spending time with someone or doing little things for them deprives me of my independence. I'm starting to get to a point where I feel that "strong" is code for damaged or insecure. I wonder what a "weak" woman would be like and if it would make sense to find one.

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Some men just can't last long, and some can. Your man might be one of the few that can't last long. This doesn't mean he can't please you in other ways... Sorry to say this, but he said "Vagina's are ugly". He actually said that??? He closes his eyes when he goes down on you, and that they are gross.... Okay this may be harsh to hear, but either your man is in the closet or he's completely clueless. I am not sure how old you guys are, but this just doesn't sound like a "GUYS' GUY". Most men like to please their women and give them oral sex, (yes not all the time), but they enjoy watching their women squirm for more. A man also NEVER and I mean NEVER says a vagina is "ugly" and or doesn't like to touch it. Sex is a big part of a relationship; and if he is not satisfying your needs, don't resort to cheating either talk it out and if things can't change then you have a choice to make here. I understand the rest of your relationship is good, but this will definitely cause problems in the long run, and you don't want to spend your time wasted on a man that can't satisfy you. It sounds to me like you already tried helping him out and giving him hints as to what you like, and it seems to me like he isn't getting it. Either live with the fact that he can't satisfy you every time or move on and find a man that will. A man who is attentive in bed is a man you want around for a long time, a man who doesn't care and calls your vagina "ugly", feels it's gross and doesn't like touching it, is a man you have to truly question?!! Good luck xo, kristin nicole If you have any questions please contact me on my website I am going to post your question on my site.

Hello Jacob, One way, you can control yourself from ejaculating too quickly is to do PC muscle exercises. Your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle is the primary “sexual muscle” that forms part of the pelvis. The PC muscle is largely involved with sexual functions such as ejaculation and orgasm. With regular exercise, this muscle can provide firmer and larger erections, powerful ejaculations and more intense climaxes. You don’t need any device or contraption to exercise your PC muscle. But, like all exercise regimens, you need to commit to a routine devotedly. For more information, please check the following source. All the best.

sure do like on that movie with the stupid puppets ..horrible movie really they kept cursing saying America F*ck yeah! the woman was on the edge of the bed and the guy was just standing thrusting into her o.O sounds erotic :| eek!

well i think yall should stop because yall are not married butthat is not my bussines but if it really bother you then you should tell him that he is going to long and that you are getting tired

Dont worry about it. Tons of people are saving themselves for after mariage. Which if you ask me is a smart thing to do. It saves you from: Drama, unwanted pregnacy, STD's..and so much more. Just ignore um .

I have to agree with another poster here. You should enjoy that innocence of his views. He wants to make love to you because he loves you not some kinky toy, or hot video. You're what he wants and he obviously doesn't need anything else to enjoy you. Look at it that way. That's how much he loves you!

2 weeks and your going on a 2 day trip with him already? You better slow down before you find yourself floating somewhere in a river, cause that is not the way to go. There is no way of backpedaling, you didn't learn the first time? You got a STD already because your ass was being promiscuous, I guess you wont stop until you get the Mother of all diseases.

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