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last night me and my gf where craving chicken wings... and we decided to get the hot Buffalo wings.... well after an hour of consumption we flirted and began to have sex... and i noticed that a half hour went by and then 45 minutes... and believe me i was going at it like a rabbit... can spicy food stimulate my penis making me last longer or is it superstition. ima try it again this week sometime!

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Just do it. Be funny or coy or cute and blush the whole time. It will be fun. And you two will have a happy little memory of 'remember the time you asked'......

its true most of the time, but the more you have sex the longer you'll last, like practice makes perfect. but your first time might be different. guys hardly ever ejaculate the first time do to nerves.

Have him pull out before he is ready to explode, then foreplay, then go back in and pull out before he is ready to explode. Continue that cycle over and over until you are ready for him to explode however you have to talk to him and see if he is ok with that. You know your man so you will know when he is ready to explode. Also talk to him and let him know you want to go longer. For exploding it has a lot to do with mentally restraining if he is holding the explosion back so it has to be him that wants to go longer. Also more teasing at the beginning or a longer tease for him. You know what turns him on to exploding and what just turns him on so do the stuff that just turns him on and when you are ready to explode switch it to what will make him explode. Just some ideas.

Just tell him exactly what you put down here. And throw some compliments his way. He'll soften up and realise it was a misunderstanding and then everything'll all be happy again. Keep thinking positive!

Then Leave.. If your not happy then what the hell are you in your marriage for! Stop Bitc!ing about it and do something about it. Leave.

go slow and pay attention to ur noises and movements. ask her to do things to u and she will do the same. things will come natural. watching porn might help too. jus watching to learn things can be very good. good luck im sure u will be fine xx

omfg. okay wow, well i can tell you that if you go slow sometimes in sex at first, you should start slower it will hit the girl harder. It feels good! lol but nah really i have no idea where you heard that from but, the only way you can know is if you try that. And i would hope that you would be using a condom, because im pretty sure you dont have a natural condom.. unless you want her pregnant!!

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