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My fiance just dumped me last night. He told me because I haven't been "putting out" that what we have is just a friendship, and he doesn't want any friends. The last time we had sex was Thanksgiving and a couple weeks before that. We used to do it once, twice a day... Now I almost 3 months pregnant and i'm nauseous, I'm in pain, and I feel like shit so I'm never in the mood. He makes things really stressful for me and we fight a lot. I don't know what to do to fix all of this except give him what he wants whether I like it or not. Don't get me wrong, we don't have any other problems in bed, but this is just how it is. I tell him to be patient, but he tells me that he has been and he can't go on any longer with the lack of intimacy. He told me that he takes care of me, he goes to work and pays the bills and feeds me and buys me shit [which doesn't happen often] buys me food [which does happen often etc etc and I should be "taking care" of him in return. What can I do to fix all of this without having to "give it up" when I feel like shit? Or is that the only remedy? Thank you everyone for your input, ALL of you. He called me and I told him what each answer said and he came to concluding that he was selfish and apologized and said he wants to make things better. ********************************************** Special Thank You To: Jason D. - My fiance personally asked for a man's opinion and I chose your so I could prove to him that you were male [as it says in the answer "I am a man"] Your answer struck him really hard and sewed up the rest of the situation. Thank you very much.

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Wow, you've really hurt her by the sound of it. Why would you say that? You really need to talk to her face-to-face. Tell her you take it back and that you never meant to say it.

However you put it, its going to hurt him. Ask him do some kegel exercises and practice breathing techniques. If he does this regularly it will help him last much longer. Also make him mastrubate and use something known as the start stop technique where he does it till he almost comes and then waits relaxes till the feeling of coming goes down and then does it again. It will help him to start lasting longer. Note: This is will not make him miraculously start lasting longer right from day one, but if he practices this regularly it will have a gr8 impact later on

I think the question you have to ask yourself is: is this relationship working for you? To me it sounds as though it's not. You need to find someone who makes you happy. If you are feeling bad about yourself, ugly, and depressed this is not a relationship you need to be in. Just don't break up with her until you tell her all of this. You need to tell here exactly what you have just told us. See what she says. If she isn't willing to give a little more that you need to move on. I'm not saying this to be mean, you need to be in a relationship that makes you happy, it's as simple as that. Just think how deprssed if you were to spend the rest of your life with this person.

ugh that totally sucks...well you could buy a vibrator and tell him he is lousy in bed and you NEED to come at some point inthe relationship...maybe he will take the clue and smarten up..

In a way u r allowing him to abuse u emotionally and physically.. Sex that doesnt involve love is just an act.. I would say he is feeling the same as u emotionally and is hating him self too..

well there is creams that will help him last longer you can order them over the net...also like one other said tell him to masturbate before he comes over..or you and him can take care of this together then later maybe he can last longer but id say go ahead and get some cream and maybe a ring also that will help him hold back Plus make him have a larger erection too...

Well, the thing is we (girls) can do it more than once. Guys however, have to at least take a break, or are just done for the night.

My boyfriend said he just tries to focus on other things to last longer when he needs to. Are you younger? Because from what I hear, it'll get better as you mature. Also if you have sex regularly as oppose to once in a while, you'll build up your time.

It's prob the way you eat cause eating unhealthy can lead to less activity if you know what i mean!!! Plus are you doing it really fast or taking your time? Try taking your time and you have that drive then go all out with it! ok just have fun with it!!! :)

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