How Does A Guy Last Longer In Bed

I like masterbating but when does it get to the point were you cant even go 5 minutes before ejaculating? is once a day to much? if it is then how many times a week should I be doing it?

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maybe he doesnt like you answer mine...;_ylt=AkMIqAaGazOzksDo7GIU6w3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100131185035AAVdpUE

what is it your asking? if you have to be intoxicated to have sex for an hour? the answer is no. i bang for an hour sometimes. i dont drink, do drugs , smoke cigarettes, nothing. maybe your a premature ejaculator,(no offense intended) and i guess that makes you feel emasculated, so you need to make excuses for why you cant go the distance. but you need to check your facts, the fact of the matter is everyone is different, some guys go for a few minutes, some go for hours, and everything in between. women are varied too though, some chicks like getting pounded for hours, and some find prolonged sex uncomfortable. the key is to find a sexual partner who likes the same sexual duration as you, so both are consistently comfortable.

dear lady i suggest you keep you "bits" out of sight. wear a buqhra if one must, but you are encouraging the young boy into a very early stage of inquiziveness. slap his bottom or hand if he asks again. the human body is disgusting and not a thing of beauty and must be kept hidden.

Sounds like you had a stress induced hallucination of some sort. You were probably so tired and stressed that your conscious mind shut down on you, giving you the out of body feeling, which activated a dream state. Maybe the old man was your subconscious mind and it was chastising you for over working yourself. Or it really could have been an out of body experience. There are infinite possibilities in this world according to quantum physics. Seriously you could have transported yourself to another dimension. Maybe you found the link, the transdimensional highway, through complete exhaustion and five-hour energy shots. (No Joke)

Don't pay attention to the quick-tips like: "masturbate before", use "climax control" condoms, or "think of sports highlights". Those just take away the pleasure of sex! If you want to last longer, you will need to practice. Check out this site. It helped me a LOT and now my girlfriend loves it.

There's exercises men can do to learn to control it. For example when he pees. While hes peeing he can stop, like control the fluency of the pee. Or when hes about to c u m, he can go down on you, finger you etc. That way he won't c u m rite away plus he gives you oral pleasure during the actual intercourse. My bf just stops when hes about to c u m, he'll either go down on me or ill do it to him. Sometimes he'll pull out and rub his penis with my area that way we both feel pleasure without stopping. I don't know what else to say but good luck(:

freakin rediculous. and people complain about guys pulling this crap. well women can be just as bad id say ditch her and forget her,. what the hell is wrong with her. anyways thats the beside the point you need to focus on the fact that you love your daughter and just dont loose site of that. the child is the most important thing here. but dont stay with her bcuz of the child.

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