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I heard the avg. time a man lasts from initial sex to orgasm can be a merely 3-8 mins. But when me and my girlfriend have sex, i can go for at least an hour (never tried past this) without ejaculation. The sex is great though and we both love it. Is this normal though, for me to last this long? Im 16. Oh and i also dont use any longevity tactics like hold the base of my shaft to prolong sex.

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No, it is false. Men have something called the ejaculatory duct, which is like a flap I guess you can say, splitting two separate tracks 1.From your urine to your "main tube" and 2.your semen and your "main tube". One is always open- the urine to main tube one, and the other is closed. When having sex, and very high in whatever it is you want to call it, the duct uncovers your semen track and covers your pee track. haha Get it? So you can't really ejaculate and pee at the same time, and i'm pretty sure your partner wouldn't want you to, either..

Get one of in the bathroom first and then have sex that should make you last longer. Well at least this is what I heard that some guys do to help.

You should think about something that has absolutely nothing to do with sex....and if you feel that you are about to bust you should pull out, maybe do a lil foreplay, go down on her....then once you have yourself under control again (no more that 1-2 min) go back in and finish ur biz.....this should help you if it doesnt I would suggest you buy extenze:)

2 mins it should last likea hour jeez well maybe make it more soothing and comfartable do different positions and things?ask him why he doesnt like it

being selfish..only focusing on his needs and pleasure getting the right balance between being rough and gentle, not too much of either usually, but depends on the girl/situation. 1 2 and 3 all matter too and like 5 ..listen and ask..you sound ready though! good luck :)

just explain how u feel to him and tell him that u woold really appreciate it if he waited for u to climax once in a while

First of all, make sure she's very warmed up before you even let her have contact with your man parts. Women take a lot longer then men, so that will help make sure she gets a lot of pleasure too. Then I would suggest taking it slow, not only to make you last longer but because if it's her first time it might hurt if you try to go really fast. If you feel like you're getting close to coming too soon, stop and take a break. While you're taking a break you can kiss her and keep her warmed up with foreplay and stuff. Women love that. Hope I helped :]

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You don't necessarily have to stop during sex, but have him to withdraw for a moment or two and continue carressing each other's bodies to keep the arousal going. When the orgasm has faded some, that's when he's reenters you and continues. If he allows the orgasm to fade away a few times during sex and masturbation, the muscles that control ejaculation will strengthen, thus resulting in him lasting longer. Hope this helps.

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I Saw A Product Called Flesh Light Anyone Tried It

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