What Can I A 20 Year Old Male Do To Last Longer In Bed

why when men having sex they never last long.they always have to nut fast.and after they finish they want to sleep like they haven't had sex in a long time. then they leave the female looking that's it,you could have did better than that. I think that be a waste of a female time letting the male get him while she wants more and he all worn out, because he can't hold it until she get her pleasure to. someone please tell me whats up with that?

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its harder on the wife when her man does it because women get emotionally involved and the wife says wait a min she loves my man but men get whipped they seldom get emotionally involved in any event its a mess all the way around

I do not sleep with men, but i think it is the same for any sexual partner. If it lasts too long, it becomes more of a chore. Sex shouldn't feel like a shore. As with vaginal penetration after a while, if the proper lubricant is not used it can become dry, and cause pain. I do not like to put a time limit on sex, it depends on your mood and the situation, but i can understand where your wife is coming from.

Stop after one and one half minutes and take a short rest.Resume and take a small break everytime you feel your getting close. Trust me this works. You should last longer each time.Good Luck

hahahahhaah my first time....on friday i lasted about an hour. and im a girl btw. but yeah in my opinion i think it depends on how good the feeling is. but the reason i lasted only about an hour is cuz it was like 2am and i had to walk home. if i could have as long as i wanted it would probabley be 1/2hours-2.

I use to sleep with a guy that was about 18, and he would bust the first one after about 15 minutes, and the second one would take 45 minutes. and I use to sleep with a man in his 30's that would go for about 45 minutes to an hour on the first one, but that would be it for the night. when he would feel himself about to bust, he would pull out, and have me to change positions, or he would slow down to prolong it

An ordinance specifically bans couples from having sex while standing inside a store’s walk-in-meat freezer. - Well, obviously somebody has had sex in a freezer.... but why would you want to?! lolz

He must be very inexperienced. It's his problem to learn how to maintain and last longer. I'm sure his buddies might have a few suggestions. If he can't improve - find a new guy.

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