Does Having Sex On The First Night Put Men Off You Have I Ruined It With Him

Don't get me wrong, he tries but I found this article online with 10 suggestions on how to last longer in bed and I want to give it to him but I don't want to hurt his ego or embarrass him?

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try dirty talk... tell him if he can keep his mind off the cumming part he should be able to last longer... works for me, i've gone up to 2 hours and still couldn't cum, i usually think about football or video games... my gf would kill me is she ever found out though oh and Pinky... yes we can control ourselves, you probably just met a whole bunch of amateurs

Baby U gotta help him!!!!!!!!!!!!, If u really love him u gotta be patient. try TAO, the goal is no ejculate, but it takes months!!!, consists in breathing deeply and slow around 10min (for being relax), and hold with PC muscle the ejaculation, (Find PC muscle when he is urinatin' tell him to stop the urine, if u find how it works, try it without urine, make exercises every moment to make this muscle stronger). Basically breath and PC muscle works together, the man is the owner of ejaculation, he could ejaculate whenever he wants !!!! Luck!!!!!!! Sorry but my english isn't good enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can practice masturbating and when you do, stop before you are about to ejaculate and then after you calm down a little go again. or you can masturbate before you have sex

A chimpanzee will only last about 6 seconds, I'm told. You may be lucky to have as much time as you indicate. A friend once used rubber bands around the testicles to prolong the love making, not sure by how much though.(be careful). Also available for men who suffer pre ejaculation problems is a product that will numb the head of the penis to pro long the love making. You may have to go on line to locate such a product. The other and final option is to have your boyfriend practice extended foreplay on you so that when he comes, you are ready and waiting. Best of luck to the two of you and enjoy. (also, you may be one hot item)

i really can't choose one because they were all great but if i could put them in order from better to worse then it would be : 2,3,1 its my honest and completely truthful answer

Chances are, that regardless of what you do, you probably wont last long on your first time. You shouldn't be ashamed of it or anything. If the chick your with gets mad, well tell her that you couldn't last a long time because you found her so damn hot. Which is the truth. It always helps if you loose your virginity with someone who is also a virgin. Make sure you feel comfortable around her as well. Only thing I can recommend is masturbating before you have sex. That way you relive some of the sexual tension you have.

haha usually when you have sex the first time is always the fastest but thats alright because the second time and the third time are longer so don't worry about it.

Read the cosmo dec. 2007 its this artical about deep sex. It can help very much. and don't just jump right into it try different stuff to get him ready and every time you think he is about to cum. stop and start kissing him up and down trust it works

mines last about 6-7 mins... but yours is an average. the girl should go ontop, whch is mreoc onfortable for you both ,and go real slow, and make out, which makes it last a liitle longer. i juust grab them by the shirt kiss my bear's mouth my special biker bear

Don’t believe him, he’s just trying to get a rise out of you or get you to be jealous, no man gets flirted with EVERYWHERE he goes, unless you’re dating a freaking underwear model, and although I’m sure he’s attractive I’m sure he’s not a professional model, he’s just saying that to get a rise out of you. I’m engaged and ONCE IN A WHILE, I get flirted with or hit on, and I tell my fiancé and we laugh about it, but I don’t go to bed making up stories about how everywhere I went that day girls were dropping their panties in front of me, he seems like a douche to me, move on or tell him to shut up about it and if he’s that concerned about other girls then he should have no problem getting another girlfriend since every woman in the city seems to want to have sex with him every day.

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