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has anyone ever heard of prostate stimulation to ever enlarge a prostate which is also a symptom of premature ejaculation. if so let me know so i can stop if not im not going to. But if it causes NO harm to that part of my man unit to not work correctly then hell screw the butt hole the penis is my unit i need it back i used to not have a problem with lasting a while and i've been with my g/f for 2 years and i've always havn't been able to last long with her. but she's the first girl i had sex with after i started doing prostate stimulation to myself... any help would be great

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This is my own experience about how to stop premature ejaculation, I've experienced premature ejaculation, I consult a doctor and the doctor giving the drug, but not cured, I am seeking information about how to stop premature ejaculation in the Internet, I finally bought Matt Gorden's ebook on, I follow all the instructions, within one week, my premature ejaculation was cured and able to delay ejaculation for 25 minutes now. I'm very happy because I can last longer in bed now.I can confidently recommended this ebook if you really want to stop premature ejaculation permanently.

One thing that has worked time and time again is... Whenever he feels like he is getting close...take a brief break (he should only need a few seconds really). Use this break to switch positions. Also, experiment with different positions. Some positions just feel better! Also, condoms reduce sensitivity...use them! During fore not stimulate him at all! In not stimulate him during sex, either. Make sure he goes slow...this will be good for you, too.

masterbating for a long time frequently may lead to many health problems like memory loss, tiredness, lethargy, depression, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation. stop masturbeting. there are several treatments for this like acupuncture, yoga, exercise, pilate, Tapping technique. Good luck

They make some cream that will numb his penis a little and allow for longer sections. Can be found in your local pharmacy.

Life and love are full of challenges and if we never take a risk we will never know what could have been or will be. If we play it safe and never take a risk we could very well be missing out on something great and wonderful and could end up regretting it for a lifetime. Take the risk and see what happens and have some fun along the way. Good luck

Leave him, leave him, leave him. Your body is a temple and you deserve to be treasured and feel pleasured. You will have to build up the strength to leave, but I say better to leave now then five more years from now. A clean break would be best, CLOSURE! I have been there and seen it. My Best firend is going through a divorce and she has 2 kids (young) and it is hard, but you have all the power to do anything you put your mind to! Best of luck, and I hope you have good friends for a support system. That is what it usually takes, you need to feel like you have somebody to back you up.

Think about something else, football, whatever when you are getting close. Slow down, stop before you get there. Spend a lot of time building your girl up prior and maybe she will be right there with you.

It could potentially make you last longer, but that isn't necessarily a good thing. Many people are unable to orgasm when drunk, or even get hard sometimes. I'd guess that ecstacy would make sex more pleasurable, but I don't suggest taking it, especially with alcohol. That's a big no no

Common problem. You have to learn to back off when having sex. If you feel yourself climaxing, stop doing what your doing and take a break ( a couple of seconds or until you have it under control). Then, resume. Keep doing this and eventually you'll plateau, which means you can--ahem-- "drill" for a longer period of time without climaxing. Women can last forever--to a guy. For women, it's mostly about the mood their in rather than the physical actions. Try oral sex with the girl first to get her going, with your hands roving all over her midsection, lightly touching all parts of her surrounding the...crash site. Also try having her on top, letting her go to town on you. This allows for deeper penetration and the girl will get the thrill of total control. You know what the g-spot is? No? Yeah read this: Good luck.

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