How To Last Longer In Bed

penis length penis girth stamina (how long it lasts) emotional energy/intensity....(or the stuff that makes you sweat) How secure he is with his sexuality His body and how comfortable he is with it and recieving

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this just happens to some guys but you can cure it get him to go to a sex shop and buy china brush its a little bottle of liquid he can apply around his bits up to 4 hours before sex its around £10 a bottle but will last months and i guarentee this will cure him the only side affect is he may not come at all the first few times but should b fun 4 you lol!

Were you attracted to the person even? Guys! How do I ask him for sex?

No! Of course you DON'T divorce your husband and run off with some other man. How shallow can you be? Your husband may not ever be capable of lasting as long as you'd like him to. The fact that he's willing to try to last longer, to please you (you said you two have tried everything) just reinforces how much he loves you and how much he's willing to do for you. If an orgasm is that important to you, ask your husband to perform oral sex on you first. However, I strongly suspect that once you quit being so selfish in bed, and start focusing on loving and pleasuring your husband, and start caring about what he's feeling and his desires, the problems will probably clear up on their own.

yeah ive heard kegel excerises work for both men and women, of course theyr different tho but ive heard they really help! try it!

Give her lots of oral to stertch it out fo rher. Drink lots of water so your have lot osf semen and can come multiple times. ANd mabye have sex less so you can build up semen and come multiple times.

Have longer foreplay, and turn him on slowly. Then don't go mad when you're having sex, work your way up to top speed! lol

Make sure you are fresh and not tired as if tired you might wnat it to get it overwith un intentionally. have a good sleep in the day, maybe a few hours or so, have a bath and dont think of sex too much. Get down to business with foreplay and try not to think of sex too much. turn your partner on as much as you can. then go for it. The key is to be fresh.

He can help by masturbating at least an hour before your meeting time. This will cause him to take much longer to "finish" Try it, it does work.

you can't fix your marriage if your still messing around stop the affair now, it's only bringing you down then concentrate on improving yourself

Its called foreplay!! If he gets you more ready and revved up he WILL last longer. You can also check that link, kegels will help you both. Try a slower. smoother lovemaking style. it might just be he groove you need. The kegel thing in the link may do the trick either way though.

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