How Can I Make My Boyfriend Last Longer In Bed

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a while and I've been having trouble lasting very long when we get down to buisness. Any advice guys?

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I have a very satisfying love life and my husband doesnt last long in bed either. As long as the quality is good, i dont believe the length of the interlude should matter. We go for hours (sorry that sounds crude too) but just because he is finished quick doesnt make it a bad experience. I have heard from Dr. Ruth (on TV) that the average man only lasts 2mins.. sooooooo rock on dude!! Good luck!

Have you told him you want more from your sex life? If he wants to keep you, then he will learn to please you. If not, then move on.

Dude, eff your friends. Who cares if your penis has not been inside of a vagina??? Your friends are retarded. You are being paranoid. Sex is not a big deal at all and you probably will last for a while because you sound like you would be too nervous to enjoy it. That Chuck guy above me is a TOTAL moron. Don't listen to him.

Physical causes for erectile dysfunction or ED, account for as high as 80% of the cases. Low hormones, diabetes or surgeries, such as on the prostate or bladder can affect performance. Psychological reasons such as depression, anxiety, stress, excessive use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs account for the other 20%. While eliminating alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs, will normally restore performance in a few weeks in many individuals, some other prescribed anti-depressants and mood stabilizers have erectile dysfunction as side effects. If you are on prescriptions for depression or anxiety disorders, consult your doctor before taking any other medications, even herbal remedies, as it could cause an imbalance in mood stabilizers, as Yohimbe can cause mania in excessive doses.

First, it should be noted that on average the actual act of sex (penetration to ejaculation) lasts between 4-8 minutes. If you fall within that range, you shouldn't stress over it. There's a lot of other ways to have fun before and after ejaculation. Now for tips on how to last longer. If you don't use a condom, using one will decrease your sensitivity and help you last longer. There are also desensitizers out there. They are tropical creams that numbs the tip of your penis. I've never tried it so I can't tell you how well they work. The best tip is to give it time and practice by having more sex. At 15, I had little control over my ejaculations but at 28, I have much better control and can now last as long as I want. Practice makes perfect and in this case, even the practice can be a lot of fun.

i think your mom is in denial, but she knows. print out the pictures and leave them somewhere where she can see them, or just be honest with her.

Also let's not forget, anytime 'hubby's' sex drive skyrockets theres always the possibility that he's getting a little extra on the side. It's been proven; don't rule this out.

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Make him wear a condom...seems to deaden the feeling a bit. Or make him masterbate an hour or so beforehand. If it's still not happening, tell him flat out that if he can't take care of you, you'll find someone who will. And threaten to tell all his friends how inadequate he is in bed. Trust me,, that'll make him change his ways.

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