What Do I Need To Do To Last Longer In Bed

Well, some say masturbation makes you impotent so you actually ejaculate prematurely. And some others say that if you practice masturbation correctly by stopping for 30 sec and then starting again etc. Then again, I heard if you breath "correctly" it helps you a LOT to last longer in bed. Actually how do you breath "correctly" ? Thanks in advance guys. Just to help your curiosity, I last from 5-20 minutes in bed and I never know why 5 or why 10? I just know that if I go limp it almost seems impossible to get hard again. I am always under tension that which will be the day my partner would kick me out of the bed and call me names :( My best performance was I made her orgasm 3 times and I felt every time when she did. :)

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Absolutely older men are alot better than younger men, I am 49 and I am totally awesome now, when we first got married, I didn't care about her needs, now I totally care whether or not she is satisfied, at least 3 or 4 times each session, if you know what I mean.

Do some research online, or try posting in Heath...that's where you are more likely to find answers to questions related to supplements and medical issues...not Singles & Dating. ☺

k you hae to not think about having sex at all. look at posters on the walls or think about sports for at least ten minutes don't acknowledge the fact that your having sex. then after you feel likes its been long enough then you can enjoy it.

Let him climax another way first (orally, between your breasts or with your hands), rest and cuddle a while then do it . It will take the pressure off like letting the steam out of a pressure cooker before you lift the lid.

good god girl!!!! how old are you???if hes 16 then that must put you round the same age..or your a perv teacher thats 35 years old,what the hell??dang my moms wuda tore my arse off if i was doin that at that age...and no there is prob nuttin you cud do for him...if your 20 err somthin go get an older guy

HELL no. I tried that and it does not work. All I could think about while having sex was hurrying up so I could eat, lol. I didn't last half as long.

to be honest it doesnt sound like it is anything to do with you - i dnt mean to be sexist but men tend to wanna move from women to women from what i know so keep your head high and forget bout him.. i would get on with my life if i were u and if he comes bk to you dnt take it easily... give it time and make sure he knows how you felt.. and to add - it sounds like he's used you a bit, that why i think you deserve to move on have a life n get another bf who wnt treat you like tht best wishes x :)

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