How Does One Last Longer In Bed

It's apparently meant to make you last longer in bed. I wouldn't mind knowing how to do that if anyone has any ideas.

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Type in Kwang Tze Solution into your web browser and order the one with the Chinese man on the box. Its inexpensive and it works. But tell your husband not to use too much at once. Good luck!

think about it? why do you love your husband,is it just because of what he can do for you sexually? concentrate on him talk to him about it marriage isnt only sex,and your husband isnt only a penis. how can we women be so hypocritical... every time she gains weight she says she thinks her husband isnt attracted to her anymore... and she tells him thats she's more than whats on the outside... well,the same goes here,love him no matter how much he lacks. i know your probably saying,"but what about me?" right? listen if you sacrafice for him he'll sacrafice for you try taking somethings off his plate,cause stress can do that also

I have the opposite problem. So, if you just want him to last longer he just has to masturbate more and build up less sensitivity. Or you can try going untill the very brink, then stopping and letting him settle a bit the start again, like the tantric method. but yeah hes just gonna have to be by himself more 3-4 times a day or something untill he can stop being so quick. There are climax control cremes you can buy, but that may make you numb too. and that just makes things pointless for the both of you.

When you are about to come, pull out and do something else, go down on her make out etc etc. Practice with masterbation, see how long you can last while masterbating, this will help you in sex. Do kegal exercises.

Please don't take this as bragging, but I never have this problem. But I do make sure she gets lots of foreplay before I enter her. Then I think about baseball statistics.

14? tell her your want to wait. lol if she likes you and stuff she will understand. sure you wanna do it, so you can tell all your friends and be a cool little 14 year old that has had sex. but its not worth it, sex isnt about being cool. honestly but if your just gonna do it, then pace your self. dont go and do it as fast as you can, you have to make her feel good too haha. and dont just rush into intercourse. play around a little first. get comfortable with eachother.

That's very common to only last 3-4 minuets, think about it, male the sexual organs were designed to deliver semen as fast as possible upon sexual contact, not to pound away on you for hours on end. stimulation may help you achieve climax sooner so you both are satisfied. also in men orgasm makes hormones release that cause drowsiness, and other physiological effects. don't just look at it as its over as soon as he cums. stay aroused and get him aroused again you will be surprised how long he lasts the second round.

first knock her off the pedestal some guys like to place their girls on.... in bed, try to think about the most disgusting thing you can imagine when you feel yourself getting close. i always pictured the varicose viens on the back of the legs of an ex-girlfriends mother....that always did the trick....but youll have to pick your own, cuz thats mine!lol another trick is to pull out when you feel you cant hold off anymore and do a little hand stimulation on her or oral sex or whatever...until you feel the moment pass and then back to work, citizen.

Do a different position! One that won't make her cum as fast. Slow down because when you do it fast that will make her cum alot faster too.

I haven't tried it, but I guess it's the same muscle that controls urinal release and sperm release. Therefore you train it by stopping your urine. yeah that makes sense (not sarcastic)

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