Best Things To Think Of When Having Sex To Last Longer

Its been awhile for me and ive been think that this date firday night could end up way to short if you know what i mean. Any advice from other guys or women on how they have gotten past the 2 pump chump stage in dating?

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thinks about something other than sex. baseball, football work. anything to take your mind off it just don't call out someone elses name.

the first time will be quick regardless but just let her know you don't have experience and she should understand if she doesn't just hit her in the head with a bat and leave her to die! LOL just kidding! but as long as your honest and Communicate you'll be ok

well i don't recommend the masturbating before hand because it can cause you not to get up but for me if im bout to cum ill stop and switch up positions

You are about average in length and about average in time. Spend more time on fore play before and after, you could even throuh in some oral , she sure would like that.

Simple. Change positions frequently. Have him see a doctor. Some anti-depressants can slow him down. Also, consider that you don't really want him to last all night. You and he would be very sore.

Go for it! You never know until you try....and if you don't you might end up regretting and constantly asking yourself "what if???" We all have to prepare for heartbreak when it comes to these things! What do you have to lose?

It really depends on the problem you're having (there's two that I can think of). If you're having problems with premature, try tantric yoga. The yogi monks did all sorts of things to prolong erection and avoid orgasm. If you're having the other problem, wear loose fitting clothing or a robe, light candles and turn on soothing music, turn off the phone or any distractions that might prevent you from keeping your erection. The Ultra thin for sensitivity condoms also work very well.

haha Why do women have a longer life expectancy than men? Because they don't have to live with other women. (unless they're gay)

The best thing to do is to masturbate before hand so that you are kinda numb and tired.. Then when it's time to give the business, you are able to last a whole lot longer. It definitely works because you won't be as jittery and bust within 5 minutes.

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