My Boyfriend Cant Last Longer In Bed Anymore And I Dont Know Why

i am a 17 year old guy who for some reason cannot last longer than 30 seconds sometimes, and it is really starting to piss my girlfriend of 2 months off. what can i do to help this issue

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So far-- everyone is pretty much giving you the way to go - But, I would have him "do me" before he penetrated (finger, suck,whatever) . And you getting on top will help get you off (more clit stimulation) and if needed by then- reverse positions. Use a "numbing cream"(you can order online) for premature ejaculation -or have him use a condom(which lessens the feeling) - But the most important part is that his "humping" action(using his buttocks and stomach muscles) is actually what makes him "come" more quickly -so positions (like you on top) -actually make him less able to do this. (This also goes for you) But think of it like this -- a man is like a microwave (zap! it's done!) and a woman is like a crock pot (low, slow, constant action) -So, to get the "meal" to come together at the same time - You have to get one started a while before the other! Good luck and have fun practicing!

Based upon that, yes, that man was being a dick. If you want to continue on with him, talk with him about how you feel and see what happens from there. The main thing is that I hope this experience doesn't put you off from having sex, it'll definitely get better.

I am 43. I have been having sex for a while. How long you last depends on experience and mood. There is no "hard fast" rule. It is all about what it takes to make you and your partner happy. Sadly it is not possible to please everyone. You are either compatible or not. When I was in my late teens and early 20's I was lucky to last 15-20 min. Today I can go as long as I like, but at my age I only have sex with women that know their bodies. I need not go any longer than 20 min (or even less) for her to climax more than once. Having great sex requires both partners to know their bodies. How long you have it, is not really relevant. Use high quality condoms(not the ones made in China, or India) They may help you to last longer. One more thought about condoms. Do not cut corners! You can save $.50 per condom, but ask yourself this; How much is the condom worth if it saves you from becoming a father, or from an STD? When you think about it that way, any price is worth it. If you are buying a bullet resistant vest, is it worth it to buy the cheaper one?

emmm i would say c i would make my introduction short and more to the point and high light the main points your going to discuss - no quotations ! talk about how steinbeck wants us to c him as bwt the secound to last paragraph the quote you used is quiet long " A guy goes nuts if he aint go nobody " good luck ... can you answer my question plzz its about how lennie is developed throughout the novel ..thankss

Well, personally for me, it only 'works' when i'm on top! So I can last until it does 'work' and if i'm enjoying it afterwards. Otherwise I'm not a fan of the top position if i'm not into the situation.

Studies have shown that frequent masturbators actually last longer in bed due to over-stimuation of the penis. So I doubt your masturbation is causing premature ejaculation. The best way to train yourself is to practice stopping just before orgasm when you are masturbating. That way you can learn to recognise exactly when you are about to orgasm and slow down until you relax a bit. Aim to masturbate for 20 minutes without orgasming and see if you can do it.

u are pregnant and he should respect that. if he dumped his 3 month pregnant fiance then he does not love u or care for u the way he should. and just b/c he provides does not mean he deserves sex or demands it. if u are in pain and sick all the time, he has no choice but to deal with it. he is a selfish pig. don't feel bad for ur decision u made.

don't worry about what she is saying and you shouldn't talk to her about your sex life or if you do, not in great detail...anywho be secure in your marriage good luck!

some guys just dont have control when it comes to orgasms. they just cant hold it in. and maybe also desire to have the climax feeling quickly has something to do with it. i guess just tell the guy to slow down, since going faster apparently makes them climax faster, haha.

Well from a guys point of view, try easing it in there when you are gonna tell him. Psychology works in situations like these. For instance: you like it when I do this right? Well tell me why can't you do this? Do you have a problem? It don't matter to me, cus we are what-ever you are, but do you think if you were to try this out it would be better for both of us? Lead him on that he is doing good, and then hit him with a negative. It's not like he's gonna get heart broken, cus if he does thats when you comfort him. But standing up and taking charge is what makes relationships stronger. So just remember that.

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My Boyfriend Cant Last Longer In Bed Anymore And I Dont Know Why

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