I Am 18 Years Old And I Need To Learn To Last Longer In Bed

its embarrassing with my girlfriend. ive tried to have something good with her but i always feel cumming so quick what can i do to prevent that and have good durable sex.. help please.....

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Back pockets are illegal in the state of South Carolina... During Prohabition you might hide a flask in one.... These were Great!!! ROTFL..... Gonna have to install curtains in the car!! :)

Nail his feet to the floor, lock the door and hide the key in the dark. He has to stay then. If, being serious here, if he isn't seeing things from your point of view, then you are not going to get anything by way of a meaningful relationship, are you! If he is a short stayer and isn't interested in resolving with / for you what is an 'issue' for you (and it's also one FOR him as you are are supposed to be IN A Relationship - to-gether !), then there is nothing that you can do ~ alone. And the likelihood is that 'nothing will change'. If on the other hand he is interested in dealing with this and that his problem is 'premature ejaculation', then you encourage him to ejaculate first, and then go back to the beginning and start again ....with foreplay etc. There is a technique where you apply pressure with your thumb and forefinger below the head of the shaft of the penis, and that stops the ejaculation. Another is where you place the base of you hand at the base of his penis and the 'flat of your hand' along the length, and using gentle pressure, you lever downwards (gently) with your fingers. This will lessen the strength of the erection and ease off the desire for ejaculation. After that, you go back to The Start and begin again. I hope this helps. Sash.

Tell him this...You make me feel real good. But I don't get to climax like you do. It is aggrevating. From now on, your first goal is to get me off. Then he can go to town. Now you have to let him know how to get you off, with words or body language. What I do is lick and finger till she gushes a few times, then I gets mine. If that doesn't work, holla at me

ejaculate before having sex that way itll take time for the "feelings" to cum back again and that way ul last longer.

Alriight, she's the one with the problem, not you. Tell her that maybe she should go get a pap done, or talk to her doctor or something, because that's not normal.

Well he's probably gotten used to not using a condom. It's probably a mental thing as well, just go see the doctor but I think it's just mental that he can't finish with one on. A large part of achieving an orgasm is through what you're thinking, so I don't think there's a problem he's just gotten really used to no condom and probably isn't focused as much without it. If it's still a problem then see a doctor.

Im gonna give you awesome advice dude. 1. its not about how long you can last, its about making her cum before you do. 2. control your breathing!!! 3. when you thrust into her pull it out and rub her clit with the head of your dick, youll get credit for a thrust this way plus youre stimulating her more. I use to have the same problem dude!!! What I do though (and this NEVER fails). First i kiss her and nibble her lips and rub her private with her pants ON. That gets her going. Then I slip her pants down and start rubbing her clit (clockwise). Then when she is REALLY wet, I go down on her...I do that until her legs start to quiver, that lets me know that shes about to cum. So, then shes almost done! Thats when i put her ankles on my shoulders and go into her slowly. Its not bout how fast or hard you hit it, but just hit the right spot and if you go slow and only go in about 3 inches (even if you got a huge dick only go in 3 inchessssss) over and over and over? You will last a lot longer because youre going slow so your breathing is slow, she will cum within minutes because youre going to be constantly hitting the g spot. Once its in, leave it in..dont go in and out, just leave it 3 inches in and thrust. this will keep the tingle feeling away from your frenulum for a while. You will probably make her cum 4 times to your 1 if you do it this way...trust me it works great.

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