To Last Longer In Bed Is It Better To Masturbate More Or Hold Off

Im 17 and male. I wanted to know what are the best things to think of so that you will last that little bit longer in bed ?

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Sounds a little kinky, but whatever. But hmmm, would I let someone tell me I couldn't get up and go to the bathroom ? I dont think so ! Nobody should have that much control in a relationship.

Well, some men find that it helps them to last longer if they masturbate an hour or two before they have sex (this only works if you know you're going to be having sex later, of course). While you're having sex, if you feel close, tell your partner to slow down or decrease intensity. Take some breaks. Make sure you stimulate your partner while you're 'resting,' though. Those are my suggestions. Try them, see if they work. A lot of times premature ejaculation is just as mental as it is physical. It sounds silly but if you think to yourself, "I'm going to last longer, I'm going to last longer, I'm going to last longer," you just might last longer.

It could just be that the sex is just too hot for him (in which case - kudos to you!), but he also may have trouble with premature ejaculation. You should talk to him about it. Maybe he could try some different techniques in bed. There are all kinds of options, but I have found that the best is Lexaryn. It is a pill that I take that gives me control over my orgasm and erections. It can be a really good option for male sexual performance you (he) should check it out.

If anything it will help extend how long you last. If you didn't 'relieve some pressure' you'd likely finish even faster. good luck!

This is just sad, so your boyfriend cant last long in bed big deal, you should respect your boyfriend more, if you cared about him proplerly you would not care about how long he lasts in bed and you should just be happy your with him. There is more to life than just sex, think about people who have real problems! You must be a really shallow person to een ask this, your boyfriend deserves someone who cares about HIM, not sex Dont mean to disrespectful

I would have your boy friend give you oral sex so you can have an orgasm and then have him enjoy what ever your traditional sexual posture is. Some men are fast and some men are slow. As you get older he may slow up some. Don't make a big deal out of it have him satisfy your orally and everyone will go to sleep with a smile on their face and a sex drive that has been satisfied.

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