How Can I Last Longer In Bed For My Girlfriend

Okay, so I am girl who is dating this guy, he is super attractive, seems only slightly like a loner, had a long term relationship recently ended, but not attached to the chick anymore...but maybe just sexually had grown used to her. ANYWAYS....He tells me I am beautiful all the time, I have never had one complaint about any men in bed and usually men have a hard time lasting.....BUT this guy can last for a couple of hours, has a hard time maintaining an erectio the whole time and then can NEVER cum while having sex but needs some rough complicated one hour BJ to finish or has to handle it himself. PS: I know what you would normally be thinkg is that I am not handling something right, but believe I have had more experience than my share and never had an issue with men before like this (again lots of men).....His penish HUGE, like 10 inches....could it be a blood flow problem, he is also not circumsized.....and he is super sensitive when I ask him what he wants, because i like everything and want make him feel good, he gets defensive and his only explanation is he likes to be talked dirty too (which i think was an excuse, because i did that and he still has the issue)......he still however despite his issue wants to have sex 3 times a night, which means its 5 hours a day of complicated, unsatisfactory, odd and unusual sex.....what is going on in this guys head or ding dong! Does he not like my the way my vagina feels?-.....Ive never had any experience close to this before. i know what you are thinking, but this guy is super attracted to me, cant keep his hands off and has no problem getting the errection, only keeping it and then can only finish himself off. I am very sexual and like to please in bed, so this i cant handle.....I thought since every girl has a different shape vagina that was an issue, but after i gave my world famous BJ, he still couldnt :( i found the answer, it is from excessive hash use and "retarded ejaculation" which is when i man can get hard but mentally cant handle ejaculating in a woman. wow.

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slow down and relax. most guys like to do it fast but its not the best way. do it until you can feel the ejaculate comming then stop and relax a bit, then carry on. do this everytime and you will train your body to last longer. good luck.

lmfao, just got to be calm or you will bust a nut mad quick. treat it as if you going to work put your pleasure in front of hers don't be scared to sweat. pause for a little bit when you feel like you about to nut to like regain control, you can only do that a few times though. You going to have to cum eventually communicate a lot and try to notice when you in her spot if she moan a little louder. but before you even get to the sex part do a lot of four play kissing in various places, fingering while your fingering check for bumps you want to hit the spot where the bumps are that's her g-spot. Don't be scared to really pound it though you can still make love to her and pound it

The age difference is certainly not helping the situation. It doesn't sound to me from the details you've mentioned that the problem is with his equipment, it's with HIM. He doesn't have as much energy, and just wants to get it done with it sounds like. No pill on this earth will extend foreplay. If there was, it'd be worth millions. He hasn't asked you why you're sleeping in a different room? That seems a little drastic. You just need to talk to him in depth about it...

Yes! Vicadin. lol.. you can only get it as a prescription. but it turned my husband from 3 mins to like ...20 mins. ahahahahah seriosuly.. dont laugh!!

No! Of course you DON'T divorce your husband and run off with some other man. How shallow can you be? Your husband may not ever be capable of lasting as long as you'd like him to. The fact that he's willing to try to last longer, to please you (you said you two have tried everything) just reinforces how much he loves you and how much he's willing to do for you. If an orgasm is that important to you, ask your husband to perform oral sex on you first. However, I strongly suspect that once you quit being so selfish in bed, and start focusing on loving and pleasuring your husband, and start caring about what he's feeling and his desires, the problems will probably clear up on their own.

Relax ! Some guys have this problem you are being to nervous take it slow pace yourself. If you feel comfortable masturbating alone by yourself using some kind of massage oil This will help you relax without feeling tense

Depends of people but your question sounds desperate, as does your need to compare yourself to others. To answer your question, I've done it for a week, just sex, eating and sleeping. Of course countless orgasms. It depends how much you're into sex. If it was just my choice I'd still be doing it all the time. Yes, after a few days there is soreness but it also feels good. I'm still young (25) and I do orgasm quite quickly when very aroused... the trick is to be able to continue after that.

Then it looks like you'll be wetting the bed the rest of your life. That's really dirty you know that right? Oh here's an idea get Depends!

He wants education reform and that has been discussed. Most of the world goes to school much longer than we do here. Too much time is spent each fall on reviewing everything that was forgotten during the summer.

This might not be the case for you but it does occur often in males who complain of "lasting too long" during sexual intercourse. The main problem is masturbation with a very firm grip. By gripping firmly on the penis, there is a tendency to cause more friction while masturbation, allowing for a quicker orgasm to occur. However, during sex, the vagina can only cause so much friction (grip) without causing pain to the female -- frequently well below the grip strength of a hand. Because one trains their penis to this new "friction" it takes longer for one to reach orgasm during sex. The best remedy (if this is what you believe is occuring) is to relax your grip when masturbation, even if it takes much longer at the beginning to reach orgasm. It might help using lotions or similar to help reach orgasm during masturbation, but make sure to reduce grip strength.

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