Why Are Men So Double Standard When I Put My Foot Down Iamp39m Selfish Why But For Him Itamp39s Selfpreservation

i last to long in bed my last three parteners complain that i last to long in bed. they say it starts hurting. what can i do

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thats easy, its because you only do it once a month. you have all the built up feelings. sex is very different than masturbating. after u have the foreplay, then masturbate, and 'finsh' yourself off, or you can have her help. then have sex that usually makes a guy last.

3-5 minutes does seem a little shorter than average but a study I read on this recently said it was normally in the minutes category anyway like 6-10 so pretty similar. Your friends could well be bragging although I know it is definitely possible for a guy to last for an hour or more particularly if they are drunk like you realise and also if it's the second or third time in a short period. Also with experience and as you get older, etc. If you think you come too quickly then you can look up some easy PE remedies online like the stop start thing and try those to see if they make a difference. Don't stress too much about it though longer sex doesn't automatically equal better, for either party.

Do you watch Family Guy? Try the Quagmire technique for learning to control his "other head." Lay down naked on your back on the couch. Take a fan, with the guard off, and place it about 2 inches above your genitals. Turn it on. Look at porno mags. :) Guarantee you will be able to control your erection then! (His way was to think of Renee Zellwegger -- that can probably prevent an 'early release.' HAHAHAHA)

1) to last longer in bed all you need to do is slow down your pace when you feel yourself going over the edge and take ten deep breaths and resume your activity . 2) try doing some pelvic floor muscle exercises which will give you better control on your vaginal walls and help you control your orgasm .the link to how to do the exercise is given below http://www.kegelexercisesforwomen.com/ 3) Eat right ,more of natural foods like fruits,green vegetables ,salads,sprouts to nourish your body and 4) do some aerobic exercise like jogging,brisk walk,cycling,swimming etc. to increase your fitness level . 5) some herbs like Shatavari and Ashavagandha taken with warm milk also helps . 6) Sharing your problem with partner and seeking his help will be good too as you can guide him about how and what you wants . regards l ~!~DD~!~

Have him ejaculate before you have sex. Use your mouth or your hands whatever your comfortable with. After he ejaculates foreplay until he gets up again, he should last much longer!!!

CQCK RINGS are supposed to help with that. And they're kinda hot too- you will probably like it as much as he does. If that still doesn't do the trick, at least it will be something you can keep using because among other things it makes the c0ck stay rock hard and usually it makes it bigger as well.

Yes men can last hours in bed. My advice would be to get him to change positions regularly. When he looks to be enjoying it too much make him pull out and change possies. Ask him for more foreplay and midplay, get him to satisfy you first. There is nothing wrong in asking for what you want. He will like it that your open with him and we all know that he is going to climax no matter what lol. A bit of light bondage will make him want to jump your bones wherever you are :) He is probably not wanting sex so much if he is embarassed. Open his world a little. Read a book or two and dont be afraid to try something new. :)

definitely sounds like you Professional medical advice. I could be performance anxiety brought on by some "bad tries" or it could more with internal medicine some things that less frequent erections are blood pressure issues, heart disease, and endocrinology problems such as diabetes. so I would go to a urologist and a your primary doctor to see what they say?

I have heard they make a Fleshlight (male masturbator sleeve) in a model that helps increase stamina in sexual activity. You should check those things out, every teenagers dream. If that doesn't work think of your grandpa naked...lol

An ex-boyfriend of mine said that he keeps from coming by thinking about disgusting things like road kill or horror movies....eating someone's crap, etc. Mentally distract yourself- it worked for him. And as far as her climax is concerned, a gentleman makes her come first- LADIES FIRST. And there is no quicker way than oral. suck on it like you are sipping a straw. the more you do it, the better you get. good lick(i mean luck):0)

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